Production of application functionality

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    The creation of the ddysed functionality consists of the following work:

    • Gathering requirements for dedicated functionality.
    • We prepare a detailed design of functionality, which takes into account the architecture, user interface, integrations with existing systems and any other relevant elements.
    • Once the project is approved, we proceed to implement the new functionality. Our experienced programmers work to create a dedicated solution according to the agreed specifications.
    • Once the development phase is complete, we conduct comprehensive testing to ensure that the new functionality works as expected and meets all requirements. We also provide quality control to make sure the software is stable and reliable.

    Implementation and training: After successful testing, we prepare to implement the new functionality in the production environment. We provide the necessary technical support and user training to enable smooth use of the application’s new capabilities.

    After-sales support: After implementation, we continue to provide technical support and resolve any problems encountered. We are available to our customer to answer questions, provide technical support and make necessary modifications or improvements to functionality.

    The price and time of the project will be determined based on the scope of work and the complexity of the new functionality.

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