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Honeypot vs Red Teaming Toolkit

We will talk about honeypots and the lures that lead to the attacker’s honeypots. During the presentation, we will compromise a workstation and use popular red team tools to play the role of a cybercriminal. I will present, using examples, the use of Deception technology (…)

Piotr Madej: We have created a digital minefield to protect against hackers (podcast)

The honeypot itself refers to the fact that we try to draw the attacker away by showing him false systems and leads that seem lucrative to him at first glance. The moment an attacker connects to us, we are the ones who are able to issue an alert, and importantly, we pull them away from production systems (…).

Black Interview 006

The guest was Piotr Madej. Among other things, we talked about OSCP and OSCE certifications, fake resources, and tips not only for beginners, but also for cyber security experts. (…)

Poland's cyber security sector - meet start-ups that are improving online security

The increasing digitization of work, industry, science or health, in addition to its many conveniences, also brings risks in the form of vulnerability to cyber attacks. The consequence is increased spending on cybersecurity – investment in the sector reached $25 billion in 2021 – as well as the growth of cybersecurity start-ups (…).

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